Our Dogs Available for Adoption


These 2 white beauties are really hoping to find a safe cozy home to call their own. They have been in shelter and kennel care for over 8 months. They are kind, sweet and inquisitive girls with a will to trust. They have a poor history and don’t trust people or changes at first but with a calm and patient environment they thrive and seek out affection.

Aurora is a tall legged slim girl that really enjoys playing with other dogs and going for her daily walks. Once comfortable she walks well on her flat collar. She is working daily on her trust in humans. She loves to rub herself against people when she feels safe and will sniff out any forgotten treats in your pocket. She is anxious when alone and will thrive with another doggie companion at home to show her the luxuries of home living.

Juneau came to us as her sisters shadow always wanting Aurora to go first but have the tables ever turned! She quickly warms up to people and will give kisses if you kneel down to her level. She enjoys hanging out by her humans side to soak up some back scratches. Juneau is more keen with learning how to sit and lay down and will soon be a pro! She enjoys her daily walks but does like to pull on her flat collar, a pinch helps her walk nicely. She settles quickly inside and really likes to curl up on the comfy couch with a good chew toy.

A fenced yard is a must for these girls. No cats in the home please.

We see great potential in these girls and hope they can find their perfect homes soon.

Reach out to SMART - Siberian Malamute Alaskan Rescue Team if you think you could open up your home to foster or adopt one or both of these sweet girls.

For more information check out their adoption profiles here: https://smartrescue.ca/available-dogs