Our Dogs Available for Adoption


Meet Samson! Samson is a 4 year old mixed breed of approximately 40lbs who is currently living at our Kinburn location. He
is a gentle, sensitive soul who needs a family who is willing to give him the space he needs to
come out of his shell. Once he has gotten to know you, he is affectionate and rarely leaves your


What kind of family does he need? He is looking for a forever family that has a quiet,
consistent home life. He would be happiest in a home without small children, as their
unpredictability can be overwhelming for him. Some outdoor space for him to explore would be
ideal. He does not need an extreme amount of exercise, but he does enjoy going on
adventures. He would do best in a detached home as he can be vocal when he hears something
unfamiliar. He needs a family who is patient and is willing to respect his limitations and the
slower pace he needs to feel comfortable.

Can he live with other animals? Yes, Samson has been gaining confidence while he has been
with us and has made some good doggy friends. He has been learning to greet new dogs more
politely and does enjoy short play sessions. He does not like dogs that play too rough, or are
constantly in his face. He can sometimes guard things he finds outside, so a dog who respects
this would be necessary. He has never lived with a cat or small animals, but he does not have
much of a prey drive and likely could with a slow introduction. A home with another dog is not
required. He would enjoy having you all to himself, however a secure, well-rounded friend
would likely help his confidence around new people.

Does he require post-adoption training? Samson is house trained and is not destructive if given
enough physical and mental stimulation. It will be important to continue working on his
confidence in new situations and advocating for him around new people if he is uncomfortable.