Daycare for Dogs

 Daycare is a great option for puppies and dogs of all ages. We provide our daycare guests with a healthy balance of structure, attention and activity as well as lots of socialization. Whether your puppy or dog needs supervision 5 days a week or less, or even the occasional day away from their regular routine, we have a package to suit their needs. 


Daycare days can be purchased individually, or in packages of 5 days, 10 days, or 20 days, with an expiry of 3 months.


5 Day Package

    1 dog - $31/day = $155 

    2 dogs - $31 + $21/day = $260 

    3 dogs - $31 + 21 + $12/day = $320



*multi-dog discounts apply only to dogs sharing an enclosure.

* Prices do not include tax

*Packages expire after 3 months

10 Day Package

    1 dog - $29/day = $290

    2 dogs - $29 + $19/day = $480

    3 dogs - $29 + $19 + $10/day = $580

20 Day Package

    1 dog - $27/day = $540

    2 dogs - $27 + $17/day = $880

    3 dogs - $27 + $17 + $8/day = $1040

What makes Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort Doggy Daycare the best!?

  • On-leash walks   

  • Carefully organized and fully supervised playgroups

  • Separation between large and small dogs for guests comfort and safety(unless special circumstance arises, based on individual dog’s needs)

  • Safety is always our top priority

  • Large outdoor fenced yards

  • Rest times in individual kennels with appropriate bedding.

    • This is a very important aspect during a dog’s day. Rest time allows each dog to have a drink without needing to share a bowl, have their lunch (if required), decompress and relax before continuing to socialize and play with their friends. Sometimes dogs can be overstimulated or get tired and just need a small break to regroup, this allows each dog in our care to have the best day possible.

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Our regular daycare guests love having a routine. They enjoy coming in whether its once a week or 5 days a week and playing with both their old and new friends! We get to know our daycare friends very well and we love seeing them form bonds with both the staff and with the other dogs. It's so much fun! 

Daycare for Cats

Most cats enjoy having the run of the house while we're at work or having a busy day. Sometimes, though, it's good to have a safe place for them to stay for the day if you're having renovations done or are showing your home, for example. With cat daycare, you can have peace of mind that your kitty will be safe and sound while there are doors opening or lots of commotion going on at home.



*multiple pet discounts available


  • Multiple daily pets and snuggles 

  • Free roaming time in the cattery. Cats take turns out of their suites, either on their own or with their friends, depending on their preferences. 

  • Pictures posted daily, online.


  • Nail Trimming - $8.00

* Prices do not include tax