Boarding for


​As of October 1st, 2021 our boarding rates will be increasing to $55/night due to inflation of supplies, wages, and utilities. 


*discounts for multiple pets and extended stays below

No extra fees for:

 - daily on-leash walks

 - treats/kongs

 - indoor playtime


 - indivdual care

 - medications

 - outdoor playtime

* Prices do not include tax

Most boarding facilities in the Ottawa area charge extra for all or some of the activities listed above. At Tails & Trails we provide them for free, to every pet in our care,  with our all-inclusive pricing.

A Dog's Day with Us!

At Tails & Trails we provide a structured, yet flexible schedule for our guests. Every day is different, but our boarders and daycare dogs know what to expect. We head outside first thing in the morning in the same groups and order as the previous day. After lots of sniffing, bathroom time, and even a little play, we head back in for breakfast.


After breakfast, we have three big activities between 8 am and 3 pm. Our walks are more of an activity/adventure than a structured walk. We gear up one to three dogs on flexis and head out to the fields or to our back, forested trail, where the dogs can sniff, zig and zag, and do some business. They can even have a look at the horses next door or take a quick dip in the stream.


Outdoor time takes place in carefully organized groups, chosen based on size, temperament, and play/behaviour style and preferences. Generally speaking, small dogs are grouped together, as are more playful, active dogs and more independent, people-oriented dogs. Our activity supervisors provide oversight, guidance and inspiration with toys, treats, and fun games, as well as lots of cuddles.

Our extra attention time may take place outside or inside. We organize this special time to ensure each dog can spend some quality time with staff either individually or in a small group. Some of our activities include:


  * stuffed kongs – filled with peanut butter, biscuits and liver or modified for food         


  * treat puzzles – filled with tasty treats (or your dog’s own kibble if they have allergies)

     and made to be rolled, nosed, and pawed at for rewards.

  * trick time – sit, down, give paw, stay – with lots of treats or praise for positive


  * cuddle time – being still and reaching out to provide massage, quiet touch, and lots of

     loving attention

  * fetch time – for dogs who just want to play ball, we can satisfy those urges in a safe,

     controlled environment

  * small group play – finding like-minded playmates for wrestling, chasing, and just

     hanging out

  *extra walk time – exploratory, adventure walks in one of our off-trail areas


After 3 pm there are still two more outings for our guests, one before dinner and one before bedtime. At bedtime, we make sure each guest has appropriate bedding, fresh water, and a special treat.


We take pictures during our indoor and outdoor groups and publish them on our Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort Facebook page. If you do not have Facebook, you can find the link to the pictures on our Daily Photos pages (boarding & daycare).


We will be limiting our acceptance of dogs who need to be cared for separately to one dog at a time, and we do not accept intact dogs (both male and female) over 18 months of age.


Please scroll down for a breakdown of our pricing structure and multi-dog/extended stay discounts.


Our Dog Boarding Rates

1-13 nights:

         1 dog - $55/night

         2 dogs - $55 + $50/night

         3 dogs - $55 + $50 + $45/night 

14-20 nights:

         1 dog - $50/night

         2 dogs - $50 + $45/night

         3 dogs - $50 + $45 + $40/night 

21-27 nights:

         1 dog - $45/night

         2 dogs - $45 + $40/night

         3 dogs - $45 + $40+ $35/night

What to bring for your dog's boarding stay:

You are welcome to bring a bed or blanket and toys for your dog to have in their kennel, but it is not required.

We have cot beds and blankets if you choose to leave your bedding at home.

Please bring your dog's food, and ensure that you pack extra in case of travel delays or changes to the length of your booking.

We require proof of vaccination, so please bring a copy of your records upon drop off, send them by email, or upload them directly to your profile on the booking tool.

You do not need to bring your dogs bowls or leashes.


Please note that we do not recommend bringing any bed, blanket or toy that is particularly precious, because we cannot guarantee that it will make it home. Some dogs may chew their beds even if they don't tend to at home, take their toys outside, etc.