The kennels at Tails and Trails Country Pet Resort are designed for comfort and space. Because of this, our kennels are limited, and when we are fully booked, additional booking requests cannot be accommodated. Last minute cancellations and booking alterations are lost business that we were relying on, and very difficult to replace with another client. Furthermore, these short notice cancellations/alterations are often not enough time for out waitlisted clients, as they have found alternative arrangements for their pet.



With the increase of clients, and closures of other local kennels, our waitlist for popular dates has become quite extensive. Our staffing is based on our vacancy levels, as we ensure that the number of animals in our care will get above average care, attention, and of course, affection! We rely on those bookings for income, and short notice cancellations do affect our daily business, even during the quieter seasons.



Additionally, Tails and Trails does not enforce a premium charge for weekends, or holidays. Our rates remain consistent year round, but we do count on the bookings during our busier seasons. A last minute cancellation becomes an empty kennel that we have fully staffed to attend to.

We do understand that in the upcoming months, travel will be a top priority for many. In order to maximize our availability to you, as the clients, we have implemented a cancellation policy.



We are hoping that in doing so, reservations made with us are done with the same courtesy and respect as we have for you when preparing for your furbaby to come visit!

Late Fees Policy

We have a late fee policy in place to best serve you, our guests and our staff. For every 5
minutes late after our closing times of 9:30am and 6:00pm there is a $10 fee, to a maximum of
$60. We will not accept customers 30 minutes later than our closing times, ie 10:01 AM and
6:31 PM. Any customers arriving past these times will not be served and will be required to pick
up their pet during our next available customer times.

Late fees are as follows:
9:35 AM $10            6:05 PM $10
9:40 AM $20           6:10 PM $20
9:45 AM $30           6:15 pm $30
9:50 AM $40           6:20 PM $40
9:55 AM $50           6:25 PM $50
10:00 AM $60          6:30 PM $60

Please see our cancellation policy below

Booking Date Alterations

Any changes of more than 2 nights to a confirmed booking within 7 days of that booking will be charged the full boarding amount. This includes changes made during their stay. We understand things can arise last minute due to weather, flights, and such; however, a date change beyond 2 nights was a potential spot for another pet to receive the Tails & Trails resort experience.

Boarding Cancellations

​If you cancel a reservation 7 days or more in advance of your pet's booked arrival date, there is no charge.

If you cancel a reservation less than 7 days in advance of your pet's booked arrival date, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the total invoice.

If you cancel a reservation on the day of your pet's booked arrival date, there is a cancellation fee of 75% of the total invoice.

If you do not cancel and your pet does not come in, the full invoice is charged.


Daycare Cancellations

If a daycare reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation, or the pet does not come in for their reservation, they will be charged the full amount. If the pet has a daycare package, this day will count towards the package.