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Stonecrest or Kinburn

Which location is right for your dog?

We have two fantastic locations to ensure all of our guests are happy and comfortable in their environment. Some of our guests enjoy a social group setting, some prefer all the human love to themselves and some don't want any human attention at all, and that's okay! We are here to help every pet enjoy their time away from home and thrive with our routines. Below is a breakdown of the differences between each location.


This location was designed as a typical 'kennel'. There are indoor/outdoor runs in addition to our large play yards. We have 4 separate wings that allow us to organize the dogs in our care where they are most comfortable; whether it be in a quieter wing for some extra snooze time or our chatty hall where our guests like to tell us all about their day. At Kinburn we are able to carefully organize the dogs in individual yard time or small social groups, which is really beneficial to our guests that require special social requirements. This could include a variety of; anxiety around other dogs, nervous in large groups but enjoy the company of 1-2 friends, or are reactive towards other dogs. Our yards are thoughtfully set up that we can have our playful and active dogs  on side of the building, and our less social dogs have their yard time on the other side of the building. This is a great safety feature that allows them to have zero contact or visibility of the other dogs, but doesn't take away from their activity times. We always want to ensure every pet is treated equally despite their individual uniqueness. 


This location is designed with socialization in mind. The dogs are separated into 3 separate halls. One hall is designated to our small, quiet and elderly guests while the other two tend to house our more energetic and rambunctious guests. Every dog staying at this location must be comfortable socializing in group activities. We organize our groups daily by size, personality and play style and can consist  of 4-7 dogs per group. Every guest is taken on a daily trail walk through our wide open field during the warmer months where they can sniff, bounce and frolic through the grass. In the winter we head onto our back trail through the forest that is protected from the elements and the dogs can enjoy the crunching of snow, singing of birds and scents of wildlife. If your dog enjoys the dog park or making friends with just about anyone they meet, then Stonecrest is the right location for you!

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