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Our Services

Why choose Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort?

Safety and comfort is our top priority at Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort. With daily assessments and health checks of each pet, 100% supervised group time, and individualized activities based on each guests' personality we can assure that each pet is getting the best care in our hands!


There are no extra costs for specialized care. Each and every pet is treated equally whether they are young, old, outgoing, shy, or even recovering from surgery! We have extensive experience caring for young puppies, aging seniors, special medical needs, and disabled pets.


  • All-inclusive rates for all dogs so that we can tailor a program for each guest

  • Daily walks

  • Lots of outdoor play time for our dog guests

  • Small group/individual indoor activities or an extra walk

  • Grooming services such as nails, bath, or full groom can be added as a departure service or scheduled as a stand-alone service 

  • Structured daycare for everyone from puppies to seniors, with walks and lots outdoor play

  • Discounted daycare packages for 5, 10, and 20 days

  • No extra fees for medication or specialized care

  • Close monitoring of all guests to ensure optimal health



  • Our staff is committed to caring for each of our guests as if they were their own

  • Many of our staff are veterinary technician graduates or pre-veterinary students

  • Our pet to staff ratio is low so that we can give more time and attention to your dog or cat.



  • Climate controlled facilities with comfortable dog kennels in separate wings

  • Supervised activities in multiple yards for our dog guests

  • Safe, cozy cat room with large windows, comfy suites, and plenty of climbing opportunities

  • Toys, pools, play structure and agility jumps and tunnels

  • Beautiful country setting with leashed trail walks in our large fields and forested conservation area

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