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Dog Boarding

Essentials Rate


  • 4 outdoor playtimes (in small groups or one on one)

  • Up to 4 meals per day during our designated “room service” times

  • No medication administration fees during our designated ‘room service’ times  *this excludes insulin*

  • Daily Wellness Checks

  • Daily photos posted to social media


Choose any of our À la Carte Activities or Bundles to enhance your dogs stay! 

Activity Bundles are in addition to our Dog Boarding rate. Every single dog in our care receives the minimum outlined above


À La Carte Menu

Walks    $10/day

Tricks N Treats    $10/day

One on One Indoor Playtime/Cuddles    $10/day

Outdoor Playtime with Friends    $10/day

Individual Outdoor Playtime    $10/day

Frozen filled Kong    $5/day

Text/email updates $7/update *

*offered only on Mondays/Wednesdays/Saturdays   

add text/email updates to any package for only $5/update 

Grooming - several options available $$$

Departure Bath pricing varies on coat/size of dog ($35-$80)

add a departure groom to any package and receive 15% off the groom

Discounts & Premiums

Multi Dog Discounts (only applies to dogs sharing a kennel)

2 dogs - $5.00 off per night

3 dogs - 15.00 per night

Extended Stays

Receive 10% off on any night booked past the first 10 nights

(applied to the 11th night onwards)

Holiday Premiums

Additional $1o per night applies to any booking over holiday dates

(long weekends, March Break & Christmas) 

Activity Bundles
personalize your dog's stay


Independent Explorer

  • Individual Walk

  • Frozen filled Kong

  • One on One Indoor Playtime & Cuddles

Kongs - allergy friendly options available



  • Tricks n Treats

  • Frozen filled Kong

  • Indoor Playtime & Cuddles

Kongs - allergy friendly options available


Tails & Trails Special

  • Morning Walk

  • Outdoor Playtime with Friends

  • Indoor Playtime & Cuddles

Most popular!


Puppy Dog

  • Morning Outdoor Playtime with Friends

  • Early Afternoon Outdoor Playtime with Friends

  • Late Afternoon Playtime with Friends

inclement weather activities held indoors



  • Morning Walk

  • Tricks n Treats

  • Afternoon Walk


It's All About

Choose any 4 activities from our À la Carte menu to add to your dogs daily routine

Best value!

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