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We offer grooming as a stand alone service or departure service at our Stonecrest location. Our experienced groomer is happy to perform the following services:


  • bath & blow dry

  • bath & tidy

  • full groom with a haircut

  • bath & towel dry (only offered with boarding/daycare services)

  • ear cleaning - $5.00

  • nail clipping - $15.00

  • paw trims - $10.00

*see description of grooming services below*


*All grooms include nail trims and ear cleaning (if needed) 

Cost depends on dog size, coat type, behaviour and matting. Final price set upon completion of groom. 

Last minute cancellations & late fees apply, please see our policy below.

Bath & Blow Dry

Bath & Blowdry's include professional shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying, brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning (if needed).

This is great for smooth coats breeds (labs, hounds, etc.), double coated breeds (I'm looking at you huskies!) or haircut dogs between grooms that just want a fresh scent!

A popular option for departure grooms after a stay of boarding.

Bath & Tidy

Bath & Tidy's include professional shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying, brushing, nail trim and ear cleaning (if needed), in addition to any face, paw, or bum trimming needed to look their best!

This is a great option for Goldens, Aussies, Newfies and other similar coated breeds, in addition to haircut dogs that need a face trim and paw trim to hold them over until their next full groom!

Full Groom with a Haircut

Full grooms with a haircut include professional shampooing, conditioning, blow-drying, brushing, requested pet style clip, nail trimming and ear cleaning (if needed).

This is for our doodles, poodles, shih tzus, schnauzers, etc. that require regular maintenance to keep their fur looking their bes

Bath & Towel Dry

This are for our guests that like to get dirty on their vacations but don't love the grooming experience. All guests will be shampooed and conditioned, but sent home damp. Nails & ears will be checked, as well. We do not recommend this for long-haired dogs. Starting at $30, final price dependent on length of time and behaviour during groom. 


Cancellation Policy & Late Fees


Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are subject to a 50% groom fee per pet which is required to be paid prior to booking your next appointment. 


It is considered a "no-show" when the client is not available at the scheduled appointment time and did not contact the groomer to cancel or reschedule.


We reserve the right to charge 50% of the grooming fee due to the loss of revenue caused by a "no-show". Please make every effort to call or reschedule when possible to avoid such situations. 

Late Fees

Late drop off fees of $1/minute apply and arriving more than 15 minutes late will result in a cancellation to ensure each of our scheduled clients receive the time they deserve.


Pets must be picked up within 30 minutes of their finished groom time or a late fee will apply of $15. 

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