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Dog Boarding

The Best for Your Pet

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Whether it’s their first Boarding experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their wellbeing is central to everything we do. Your pet’s happiness is our number one priority. During their time with us, we learn what they like and dislike and always treat them with kindness and patience. And we never charge extra for snuggles - it’s included.

What makes Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort Dog Boarding the best!?

  • Daily on-leash walk (currently only offered at our Stonecrest location) 

  • Carefully organized and fully supervised playgroups

  • Daily extra attention

  • Customized routine based on each individual dog's needs

  • Separation between large and small dogs for guests comfort and safety (unless special circumstance arises, based on individual dog’s needs)

  • Safety is always our top priority

  • Large outdoor fenced yards

  • Individual kennels with appropriate bedding (family dogs are welcome to share a space)

    • This is a very important aspect during a dog’s stay. Rest time in their own kennel allows each dog to have a drink without needing to share a bowl, have their meals, decompress and relax before continuing to socialize and play with their friends. Sometimes dogs can be overstimulated or get tired and just need a small break to regroup, this allows each dog in our care to have the best day possible. At the end of the day they get to curl up on their own bed and snooze soundly without worrying about another dog friiend interrupting their sleep or space.

  • Daily photos posted online

  • To read more about what a 'Dog's Day at Tails & Trails' is like

Rates          starting at $55/night

1-13 nights:

         1 dog - $55/night

         2 dogs - $55 + $50/night

         3 dogs - $55 + $50 + $45/night 

14-20 nights:

         1 dog - $50/night

         2 dogs - $50 + $45/night

         3 dogs - $50 + $45 + $40/night 

21-27 nights:

         1 dog - $45/night

         2 dogs - $45 + $40/night

         3 dogs - $45 + $40+ $35/night

28+ nights:

         1 dog - $40/night

         2 dogs - $40 + $35/night

         3 dogs - $40 + $35 + $30/night

* Multi-dog discounts apply only to dogs sharing an enclosure.

* Prices do not include tax

*Packages expire after 3 months

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