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Cat Boarding

The Purrfect Escape

Cats are creatures of comfort and at Tails & Trails we have provided our cat guests with a safe and comfortable room in our cattery. Each cat (or cat family) has their own floor to ceiling suite with levels to sleep, eat and hide on. Every day they get free roaming time in the cattery with cat trees to climb, toys to play with, windows to lounge in and a fish tank to observe. It 's truly a mini home away from home for them!

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What makes Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort Cat Boarding the best!?

  • Multiple daily pets and snuggles 

  • Free roaming time in the cattery. Cats take turns out of their suites, either on their own or with their friends, depending on their preferences. Guests take turns having the room to themselves at night.

  • Carefully monitored care of feeding, water intake and bathroom habits

  • Cat guests get to enjoy their own quiet room away from the daily antics of our doggy guests. Not everyone has a canine sibling and that's okay, all of our cat guests enjoy the peacefulness near our reception where they can watch guests come and go and sun bathe in the large windows overlooking the fields. 

  • Pictures posted daily, online.


  • Daily Brushing - $2.00/session

  • Nail Trimming - $10.00/session

* Prices do not include tax

Rates          starting at $25/night

1-13 nights:

         1 cat - $25/night

         2 cats - $25 + $23/night

         3 cats - $25 + $23 + $21/night 

14-20 nights:

         1 cat - $23/night

         2 cats - $23 + $21/night

         3 cats - $23 + $21 + $19/night 

21-27 nights:

         1 cat - $21/night

         2 cats - $21 + $19/night

         3 cats - $21 + $19 + $17/night

28+ nights:

         1 cat - $19/night

         2 cats - $19 + $17/night

         3 cats - $19 + $17 + $15/night

*multi-cat discounts apply only to cats sharing an enclosure.

* Prices do not include tax

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