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In-House Treats

These extra special treats are a great option to give your dog a little extra something to look forward to during their lunch down time or at bedtime. We have partnered with Raw Choice to be able to provide these  healthy treat options to owners with the convenience of them already being on site and not needing to pack extra for your dogs stay. Owners can choose to have their dog(s) get a daily, every second day or weekly treat throughout their stay. 

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

$1.50 each 

$13.50 pkg of 10

Beef Bully Sticks 12"

$8.00 each

$36.00 pkg of 5

Beef Ears

$2.50 each

$11.25 pkg of 5

Dehydrated Duck Feet

$2.00 each

$18.00 pkg of 10

Beef Heart Chips

$ 9.00 for a 120g bag

Frozen Stuffed Beef Trachea 6"

$8.00 each

$36.00 pkg of 5

*stuffed with 3 oz of raw beef*

Dehydrated Beef Trachea 6"

$3.50 each 

$15.75 pkg of 5

Raw Frozen Duck Necks

$2.25 each

$20.25 pkg of 10

Dehydrated Back Beef Tendon

$2.00 each

$18 pkg of 10

Dehydrated Beef Lung

$13.00 for a 200g bag

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